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The Innovator’s Playbook: Discovering and Transforming Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Produ

At long last, “The Innovator’s Playbook: How To Discover and Transform Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Products” is now available on Amazon.

The Innovator’s Playbook provides an innovation framework based on the “jobs-to-be-done” innovation theory pioneered by Clayton Christensen and others. This proven methodology frames innovation opportunities from the customer’s perspective to create products and services to help customers get their important jobs done better, while increasing desired outcomes and eliminating undesired outcomes.

The core concept behind the jobs-to-be-done innovation framework is that people want to “hire” a product to do a job, or, as Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt put it: “People don’t want quarter-inch bits. They want quarter-inch holes.”

In his Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, “Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure,” Clayton Christensen argues that the marketer’s task is to understand the job the customer wants to get done, and design products and brands that fill that need. When people find themselves with a job to get done, they hire products to do that job for them.

That simple shift in perspective opens us up to new opportunities to explore, that we may otherwise overlooked. And with the jobs-to-be-done execution framework, the success rate of transforming good ideas into successful new products & businesses improves dramatically – from the industry norm of 20% to success rates greater than 60%.

Clayton Christensen and Tony Ulwick (Strategy), both pioneers of the jobs-to-be-done innovation theory, cite 80% success rates in their research!

I am offering a free kindle promotion of the book on Wednesday March 25th & Thursday, March 26th. I invite you to get your free Kindle version. It’s a quick read and provides a good overview of the core jobs-to-be-done innovation framework that I have successfully used in both my own business and consulting practice to help my clients improve their innovation and new product development results.

If you find the book interesting and have the time, I would appreciate you giving the book a review on Amazon.

Here’s the link to the book’s landing page where you click on the Amazon link (upper right hand corner of the page) this Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday March 26th, to get the free Kindle version. Or you can go directly to Amazon by clicking on this link:

Note: A free PDF version is also available after Thursday if you miss the Kindle promotion at

I trust you will find the Innovator’s Playbook useful and thanks in advance for your book review on Amazon.

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