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We provide services and programs designed to help your organization grow your business through identifying, choosing and executing winning growth strategies and launching innovative new products and services.


Strategy & Execution


Are you getting the results you want form your strategic planning and execution?

Perhaps your strategy is clear to you, but are you sure everyone in your organization shares your clarity and sense of urgency?

I help clients simplify their approach to strategic planning by adopting the one-page-planning and performance system (TOPPS).


Using the one-page system, clients achieve clarity, alignment, action and results!


The Innovator's Game Plan


Introducing innovative new products doesn’t need to be a mystery.


There are specific skills, methods and practices associated with developing innovative new products that can help any company improve its ability to detect, define, design, develop and deliver the best ideas with the best chance of success.


The Innovator’s Game Plan Program provides a repeatable and proven framework to guide you through the uncertainty and risk associated with launching bold and innovative new products.


Interim Chief Innovation Officer 


Whether in the role of interim chief innovation leader, product manager, market researcher or innovation consultant and coach, I help you play the game of innovation to win.


I work with you and your team to:


Discover what the market wants and values.

Implement an iterative “discovery based” idea to launch framework.

Implement a new product development portfolio system to maximize your development investments. 

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