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Is everyone on your team working from the same page and getting the results you want?

You have thought long and hard about the challenges your business is facing today. You and your team talk frequently about what needs to get done, yet there is no progress. You lose focus as other issues arise. At the end of the year, you are no closer to achieving your goals.

You need a written plan of action that you can share with everyone in your organization. It must clearly communicate your strategy and goals so everyone knows what to focus on.


Keep it simple and stay on track

What you need is a plan that gets to the point on one page. Pair it with a performance system that measures progress and results so everyone is accountable and stays on track.

  • Keep everyone on the same page – all year long.

  • Capture your strategies and plans in a powerful and executable one-page business plan. Provide clear direction, alignment, motivation and accountability for your team. 

  • Get the results you want. Learn how to strengthen strategic thinking, communication, decision making, focus, execution and accountability.

OPPEX Playbook

The OPPEX Playbook is built on The One Page Business Plan and Performance System® (TOPPS). The One Page Business Plan is an innovative approach that captures the essence of any business, project or program on a single page.

The Future of Planning & Business Management

An Executive Briefing on The One Page Business Plan®

Strategic planning processes have changed little in the last thirty years. They remain too complex and ineffective. Many CEOs complain their planning processes take too long and are of little value. Why not implement a results based system that links strategy, execution and accountability? 

The OPPEX Playbook Works Because... 

  • It saves time. Plans are easy to create and update. The system can be implemented across your organization in less than four weeks.

  • It is flexible. Every manager and team can have their own plan. A standard format makes each plan easy to understand, review and compare.

  • Individual and team performance is tied to goals with progress reporting on key projects. A simple, comprehensive dashboard tracks your team’s performance at a glance.

  • It is simple and easy to adopt. There is no complicated jargon or software to learn. And the process works at all levels – teams, projects, departments, divisions and at the C-level. 

  • It Is based on experience. As a licensed provider of TOPPS, I support you with the expertise I have developed over decades helping business leaders achieve results.

Expect Results

  • Clarity and alignment as everyone works from the same page

  • Accountability because everyone understands their contribution

  • Measurable progress supporting continuous improvement

  • Success at every level of the business

Learn more and book a complimentary OPPEX Strategy Session now

The Programs

There are two programs: four-month and twelve month. Both begin with creating the organizational business plan, identifying objectives and defining key results.

This program includes the TOPPS cloud-based system with the Plan Builder

  • Month 1: Create the One Page Business Plan. Develop and set up a Scorecard & Performance Execution Playbook.

  • Months 2 - 4: Facilitated monthly business reviews.

  • Ten hours of coaching with the business leader.

  • Five hours of coaching with each of your direct reports to create department or project based One Page Plans.

Includes all the four-month program’s deliverables plus:

  • Eight additional facilitated monthly business reviews.

  • The business leader receives two to three hours of business coaching per month.

  • Each direct reports receives one to two hours of coaching per month

TheTwelve-Month Program

Program Guarantee

If you decide the OPPEX Playbook is not what you need, I will refund the initial payment minus my modest travel and out-of-pocket expenses.

You can terminate the program at any time with a one-week notice and will receive a prorated refund.


Complimentary One-Hour OPPEX Playbook Strategy Session 

The Four-Month Program

I invite you to contact me for a complimentary OPPEX Playbook Strategy Session and a demo of the TOPPS performance system. This no-obligation meeting allows you to find out more about the program and determine whether it's right for you.

In this one-hour session we’ll explore:

  • What you need to move your business forward. 

  • Lessons you’ve learned from past business planning and execution.

  • The challenges you and your team face.

  • The results you would like to achieve.


You will leave the conversation clear about the issues you are facing and excited about the possibilities.

I look forward to our conversation.

Learn more and book a complimentary OPPEX Strategy Session now

® One-Page-Business-Plan and Performance System is a registered trade mark of the One Page Business Plan Company

© Copyright iNPD Center, Inc, 2021  All Rights Reserved

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