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Business Owners & Executives Facing Challenges in Developing & Executing Their Strategic Plans

Not Getting the Results You Want From Your Strategic Planning Efforts?

Does this sound like you?

  • You put a lot of effort into building a strategy that will see your company through these difficult times. 

  • You don’t want or need a complex business planning process.

  • You feel like your team quickly loses focus.

  • You lack an execution plan and a way to track results.

You Need a One-Page Solution


What if you could create a simple, one-page plan? One that:


  • Provides clarity, alignment and accountability so you can share the strategic plan with everyone in the organization.

  • Lays out strategic direction, measurable objectives and action plans for everyone at every level. 

  • Includes a performance system that measures the right objectives and holds your team accountable for delivering results.

The One-Page Business Plan® 

The One Page Business Plan captures the essence of any business, project or program in a single page using key words and short phrases. It conveys critical information like:

  • Vision: What we are building? 

  • Mission: Why does this business exist

  • Objectives: What results will we measure

  • Strategy: How will we build this company

  • Action Plan: What is the work to be done?

Simple, Easy to Understand and Streamlined

  • Plans are easy to write and update at every level, streamlining the planning process. 

  • The simple format makes it easy to understand, review and compare different plans.

  • The planning system can be implemented quickly – less than 4 weeks.

  • A performance system measures progress and results to hold everyone accountable and keep them on track. 

  • A clear, comprehensive cloud-based dashboard lets you track your team’s performance throughout the year.

Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of One Page Plans have been written by companies like Oracle, FedEx, Ford, Disney and Hermon Miller.

One Page Business Plans are a simple and effective way to cascade strategic decisions throughout the entire organization. 

Is the One Page Planning System Right for You?

The One Page Planning System is right for you if you:


  • Demand better results from your planning, execution activities and employee performance.

  • Struggle to articulate and roll out your strategy to your team.

  • Need ways to spark action.

  • Require a performance system to track your team’s progress. 

  • Recognize the importance of an accountability system to keep everyone on track.

The One Page Planning System is right for you if you want to be clear and lead your team to success.

Curious? Do you have 14 minutes

Schedule a short meeting with me to discuss why the One Page Planning and Performance System is a better approach to strategic planning.

® One-Page-Business-Plan and Performance System is a registered trade mark of the One Page Business Plan Company

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